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Alle Menüpunkte


Badminton is playable for almost everybody - old and young people - and it is a lot of fun and gets you in shape!

We have 6 Badminton courts (4 on carpet surface and 2 on wood). Court reservations in advance are appreciated. Just give us a call at 08326-3662090.


Mo - Su:                        1 hour

                                      16.00 €

Rackets for rent cost 3.00 € each

Special for players: Use our saunas for only 7.00 €


Badminton Ranking
                                                                                         Lohmüller K.       

                                                                            Pitule C.         Palamut   A.                                                                     

                                                                 Pudewell M.     Müller M.      Burger M.                    

                                                          Teufele T.       Rapp G.           Kögl A.          Merk W.                                     

                                              Bauer B.     Kreiselmeyer     Waldmann F.      Nultsch J.     Papenroth S.         

                              Althaus H.               Hut D.              Rech T.        Soika S.          Scheller D.         Ess B.            

             Kunz B.          Wörle C.          Frischkorn M.     Röhrich S.       Gersch Ch.          Sprank H.      Peter S.         

    Frischkorn O.        Matz M.       Krumbacher F.       Rießland M.         Noak T.      Jung M.    Weiler S.     Meyer J.  

Preßler J.      Ratz C.    Seidel M.      Wörle L.    Wiesner R.       Wörle R.   Preßler R.       Lössner A.      Klein J. 

Rechtsteiner  P.  Rechtsteiner M.    Sagrillo F.

The ladies are in orange. Each player can challenge another player in the same row or in the row above on the right hand side.

If you want to register for the ranking just give us a call. You can get the number of the challenged player at the reception. We are looking forward to challenging matches!

Badminton RankingBadminton-RankingBadminton-RankingBadminton-Ranking

Sportpark Fischen    M?hlenstr. 55    87538 Fischen i. Allg?u    Tel.: +49 (0)8326-366 209-0    Fax: +49 (0)8326-366 209-23    info@sportpark-fischen.de

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